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Quiessence 3.5 lbs tub

Your Price: $24.99
Item Number: 457001
Manufacturer Part No: 457001
Quiessence® is a Magnesium and Chromium formula designed to support calm, balanced behavior in equines. It may also help animals who are cresty-necked to reduce the crest, and may help reduce the tendency to founder by supporting normal glucose metabolism and increasing peripheral circulation. Quiessence®is natural and legal, with no known side effects.

Quiessence® provides 5g Magnesium (4g from Magnesium Oxide, and 1g from Chelated Magnesium), and 1.25mg of Chromium Piccolinate per 1 ounce measure in a palatable, pelleted base of distiller's grains.

Horses that may benefit from Quiessence®:

• Horses with obesity problems
• Easy keepers on a hay only diet
• Horses whose main diet consists of preserved and processed feed stuff
• Horses grazing land known to be low in magnesium
• Horses grazing on acid soils
• Horses who have problems gaining or maintaining weight
• Horses prone to or at risk for founder
• Horses prone to cresty necks
• Horses with nerve conditions
• Nervous, tense horses that show an inability to learn and concentrate
• Horses with tight tense muscles that are slow to warm up and have sore or tight backs

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